STOP Spices doesn’t aspire to become the largest spice producer worldwide or to feature prominently in the spotlight. We help our customers backstage. Together, we create unique, surprising and constantly innovative flavours and products that help our customers grow.

Our milestones:


The company is founded by Viktor Van Nieuwenhove, a butcher’s son from Brakel (Eastern Flanders, Belgium). He teaches at the butchery school, and creates his own spice blends containing a wide range of varieties which he grinds himself. He sells his products to local butchers. In those days, it was quite common to add sulphite, a rather harmful product,  to spice blends. Viktor starts his own research and eventually produces spices with a reduced sulphite content.


Willem Van Damme takes over the company. The consumer market is no longer limited to Brakel and its surroundings, but now extends to all of Flanders and parts of Wallonia. In the meantime,  STOP Spices also acquires some more companies.


STOP Spices centralises its branches in the industrial area of Dendermonde. After the move, several further acquisitions follow.


STOP Spices’ R&D Department develops the TTS system for thermal treatment of herbs, spices and dried vegetables, thereby improving their quality.


Expansion of the production and storage capacity with 1200m² .


The company obtains the BRC certificate Higher Level.


STOP Spices celebrates its 60th  birthday!  Thanks to its loyal customers, personnel and suppliers, the company has developed into a dynamic enterprise with an innovative R&D Department.


Start-up of a sustainability partnership with Exchange and Satemwa in Malawi “Tea for three”.

Ten good reasons to choose for STOP Spices:

  1. BRC AA rate certified since 2005
  2. Flexible production volumes
  3. Personal point of contact
  4. Recipe development by own R&D department
  5. Thorough knowledge of taste and flavour profiles
  6. Retention of taste and quality through TTS
  7. From first test to production in seven days
  8. Totally guaranteed traceability
  9. Transparent price calculation
  10. Purchase quantity as of 25kg
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