Our superior quality herbs, spices and blends can be ordered as of 25 kg. Discover our whole & ground  spices and herbs,  seasonings, additives and breadcrumbs.  Obviously we also have specially prepared blends for meat, fish, sauces, readymade dishes,  everything for the sweet sector and for decorative use.
Order them for use in preparations, or bring them to market under private label. We offer a unique total concept and guide you from start to finish:  idea development, creating a taste & flavour palette in tune with your product, and we also assist in designing suitable packaging.

Herbs: nothing more, nothing less. Browse through our selection of whole herbs.  Furthermore, STOP Spices offers  short delivery times, small minimum purchase quantities, sustainable packaging, guaranteed traceability, a transparent price calculation and last but not least, unmatched quality.


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anise                      basil                       caraway

cardamom            cayenne                  celery

chervil                    chili                       chives

cinnamon              clove                      coriander

cumin                    curry                      dill

dragon                   fennel                     garlic

ginger                    harissa                   juniper

laurel                     mace                      marjoram

mustard                 nutmeg                   onion

oregano                 paprika                   parsley

pepper                   rosemary                sage

star anise               thyme                     turmeric



acidic foods           acidity                    antioxidants

conservative          dyes                       emulsifiers

flavors                    protein                   regulator

starches                  sugars                    thickening



different types and cuts of dried vegetables



different colors of bread crumbs [/read]

Rely on our years of experience and let’s surprise you with our unique and delicious marinades. We guarantee you correct, fast and flexible production and delivery. On-call deliveries, according to agreed stock management, open price calculation and of course totally guaranteed traceability.


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Dry Marinade

  • An exclusive range of marinades for meat and/or fish preparations.
  • Keeps food juicy, tender and tasty, avoids drying out and burning. Suitable for pan frying, oven roasting or grilling.


Oil marinade

  • A variation of exclusive marinades for meat and/or fish. The marinade tenderizes meat or fish, food keeps its natural appearance,  and ensures a delightful presentation.
  • A revelation for “grill”, “wok” and even the everyday frying pan. Frying without adding extra fat.


Thermal Treatment of herbs and spices is based on the principle of LTLT (Low Temperature Long Time) in a closed system at low pressure. This process uses low heat for a longer time to kill bacteria.

Temperature and duration of treatment vary depending on the origin of the product (tropical or moderate climate) and the target organism. The closed system with low pressure prevents evaporation and loss of flavour. With normal use, re-contamination in the original package is practically impossible.


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TTS products

We can distinguish 4 product groups:

  • spices
  • herbs
  • dried vegetables
  • herb and seasoning blends, with salt

We treat both ground and whole herbs and spices.


TTS effects

The TTS treatment significantly lowers the germinating capacity of the product.  The treatment developed by Stop Spices results in TTS products of outstanding and constant quality and offers the possibilities to treat mixed herbs in batches.  Which makes TTS process stand out from other processes.


STOP Spices is tremendously skilled in producing spice mixes, marinades and functional blends for meat, fish, readymade dishes but also for decorative use. Our inhouse R&D team is constantly searching to find the optimal taste for each product. Our flexible approach also helps to bring your new products to market in record time.


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Spices and complete mixes to season:

  • Mincemeat, steak tartar and sausages
  • Black pudding & blood preparations
  • Cooking sausages
  • Charcuterie
  • Headcheese & pig’s head terrine
  • Liver preparations
  • Raw & cooked meat curing
  • Meatloaves
  • Dried sausages



Spices and complete seasoning mixes for:

  • Cooked fish
  • Fried fish
  • Fish preparations



Mixed spices for several preparations such as, potato and vegetable dishes, croquet potatoes, sauces,  Paella, Pizza, Teppanyaki, wok, …


Decorative use

  • Panademix: decorative coloured and seasoned breadcrumbs
  • Topping: decorative spice mixes
  • Coating herbs: decorative or fine herb mixes with a special adhesive coating for fish/meat



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Regrettably, and for practical reasons,  we are unable to provide a full list of all the spices. But don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

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